Why Choose Nanba

We have 27 years experience of Manufacturer & Exporter of Badges, Uniform Accessories & Accountrements, Woven, Machine made and Metal Badges, Berets & Forces Caps, R.A.O.A and Masonic Regalia, Rotary and Club Products, Historic Civilwar Uniforms and relevant products, Braids, Cords, Weaving, Ribbons, Webbing and much more., so when you want a smart professional image for your staff, you need look no further. We are showcasing here some of the best products currently available in the marketplace. Please come to us and we will help you achieve this without the headache of organizing it yourself.

The products you can see on our website have been tried and tested by our manufacturers to withstand the rigors of the work environment.

Why work with us:

1- We are in the international business since 1992, having vast experience of excellent customer services, coherence in manufacturing and timely delivery, a separate Quality Control system that keeps a stringent eye on the quality of products.

2- When you work with NANBA you need not to wait for e-mail replies till hours & days as we get back to our clients with their requested details/information instantly. Since we have well educated and qualified staff. So they understand your instructions the way you want them to understand, expediting the communication and helping in manufacturing goods according to the needs. This all makes business EASY & QUICK. Mr. Naeem Ayub himself Post-Graduate in English language and literature guides and pave our customer services staff so that our customer receive only excellent communication.

3- We are also ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001-2004 certified company as a matter of fact all our products are completed through certain Quality manufacturing measures that maintains excellence of the products throughout. Our clients request ISO certification for tender requirements from Governments Officials. Please let us know if you need copies for these by email or by courier to present your suppliers for tender bidding.

4- We have long-standing experience of handling 'Larger Tenders' and we once again solemnly assure you that you will find us among the very best for handling tenders as our prices are truly competitive and delivery is strictly followed accordingly.

5- We stock products for particular clients on request to dispatch them the very next day as they place order. To get your products in stock on our end 20% down payment is required for the total invoice of stock items please.

6- NANBA is a factory based manufacturing company with its own premises that allow us to enhance our manufacturing capabilities with each passing year. Since in Sialkot, Pakistan the workers are highly skillful are trained in their workmanship but the problem is that they are not educated and many of them even did not pass their high school. The products we are dealing in are very specified and manufactured on sizes and details so the hand that make these products must be understandable with sizes and details. First, we appoint the best workers who work with mindfulness and secondly we have a special programs of their learning, training and education within our factory.

7- We are vhild labor free company. We don't appoint anyone under the age of 18 years in any field of our company please.

8- We believe that we are a very suitable company for joint venture. If you have such venture we are open to discuss and either can visit you in your country or we welcome you in our Factory Sialkot-Pakistan with great Zeal. We will pick you from Airport and give you cordial hospitality during your stay with us.

9- Furthermore, Please be informed we have our Regional Manager in DUBAI, who is liable to make deals with client on behalf of NANBA. If you are traveling U.A.E and look forward to join meeting please inform in advance so that we may have arrange this. You may please contact to get details of our U.E.A office.

10- We have very best sources nationwide as well as worldwide for our raw material needs and requirements in making our products perfectly excellent in quality. We do not use sub standard raw material and maintain certain meetings with them time to time to make sure consistent quality throughout.

11- NANBA is corporate client to DHL since 2005, having Import & Export accounts with them enjoying some special services. For instance, when we deliver by DHL our transient time is very petite compare to our competitors, we ship all our UK clients order on Saturday and they receive it on Monday. Being corporate client to them we have special rates from DHL that we ultimately benefit to our clients.


12- Please be noted displayed products on our website are just for reference we have digital shot pictures that we don't display on our website to keep them confidential, you may request to have a look of fantastic workmanship. If you don't see what are you looking for let's talk to us we may certainly assist you. we are in the field since 1992, supplying to world top companies including leading manufacturers in UK, USA & Europe.

If you're looking for branded and promotional clothing, it's worth choosing your supplier with care. With us you'll enjoy the best possible products, quality, service and support – guaranteed!

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We're proud to develop enduring supplier relationships that keep quality high and prices keen. We’ll never cut corners: instead, we’ll take the extra steps that keep our customers happy, time after time.

Orders of any Products welcome - "from small consignments to many thousands"

With huge stock levels, we can service organizations of all kind of products, from small businesses to large schools and colleges, government bodies and global brands. At Nanba Group, consignment volume and delivery distance are no object!

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A Truly Experienced Manufacturer: A Nanba Group's capabilities, reliability, and longevity can be of major concern to those looking for the right and quality products and help their business grow. we keep long-term relationships with many clients, updating and expanding their needed from seedling to maturity growth phases.With over 27 years experience in the marketplace, we have developed a dynamic development methodology to identify the proper ingredients that make our client happy.

Great Support: You can communicate easily with us. Our average hold time for technical support is exceptionally fast. There are several ways to reach us, either by mail us (usually within 1hr) or you can always give us a call and count on us to pick up or call you right back to help.