---To be true with old saying that--- ‘A hand that sows the seeds, rare to live through to taste it’.

In point of fact, Late Mr. Muhammad Ayub (May God his soul rest in peace) was the founding person of this company. He was the pioneer & the paragon whose efforts, creative craftsmanship, true devotion with his work, long standing experience and blood to this company can never be ignored and forgotten. This company was infact his dream being accomplished and successfully running from years to years with our 2nd generation up till now.

Undoubtedly, our history connects us with the efforts of our Ist generation being engaged to make quality products in the field of hand-made bullion wire badges, the high applause and recommendation of our made products encouraged us to extend our services to the ‘International Market’ and we came on the screen of global market in 1992 as ‘Real Manufacturers.
Among our Founding customers, we also can’t help paying tribute and deepest gratitude to the most dashing person ‘Mr. Bob William from Queensland, Australia’ to be the very first and trust-worthy International buyer giving boast to the business of NANBA.
Today, we all here in NANBA also whole-heartedly pay regards to all those who were a part of team of Mr. Muhammad Ayub, though unseen to us but part of work-force.
History preserves great men; we preserve them in our thoughts.

Think Quality, Think Nanba