About Sialkot

Sialkot is known a city of Exporters not only in Pakistan but also in the world.

This page is infact a thesis to highlight something about Sialkot briefly and at the same time to pay tribute and homage to the people who are rendering their services in our production sections chiefly in Embroidery & Uniform Accessories under one roof of Nanba. Due to the dynamic skill and continuous handwork of these people Nanba is today branded in the market place in flying colors since all Nanba products verify the highest quality features of workmanship. 

I have a privilege to be closer with these workers and feel great to see how each needle performs skillfully in their hands just to settle bullion wires in a finished product. A product that been worn in various security & military sections of the world, feel themselves proud with decorative ornaments on their uniforms, produces by these hands.
I also feel sorry for them when to see that though they work truly hard yet in return they are getting not as much as they deserved. Though we are trying our level best for their prosperity but much is also needed to do in the sector of education and health for their offspring’s.
We hope these golden hands will be honored for their craftsmanship by the work loving & quality conscious people abroad by truly honoring their work and stepping forward for acknowledging their efforts for the industry of handmade bullion badges and uniform accessories.
We are truly thankful for some of our business clients overseas for their generosity and contribution in helping us to promote our work-force and services to accelerate work environment and to give most facilities to our skilful human resources in different sections of production. For more details please visit www.lawaonline.com/essential-information-sialkot-pakistan
Think Quality, Think Nanba