Vision & Mission

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next ten years and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today. That's what our Vision is all about. It creates a long-term destination for our business and provides us with a "Roadmap" for winning together with our partners.

Our Mission: Nanba Group mission is to provide everyone from first-time participants to professionals with the world’s best Uniforms - Accessories & Accoutrements, Insignias, Crests & Emblems and Navy Shoulders Military Berets & Peak Caps.

Our Vision: Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

• Imagination, creativity, and the making of handmade objects.

• World where textile crafting is preserved, practiced, and passed down.

Our ambition: To preserve and advance the art of hand embroidery – a globally practiced craft is at the core of our business. Our primary motive is setting and achieving targets and moving beyond our limits in life, business and technology, enabling people to achieve their highest goals.

Our Winning Culture :Our Winning Culture defines the attitudes and behaviors that will be required of us to make our Vision a reality.

Live Our Values: Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
Collaboration: Leverage collective genius
Integrity: Be real
Accountability: If it is to be, it's up to me
Passion: Committed in heart and mind
Diversity: As inclusive as our brands
Quality: What we do, we do well

Focus on the Market

• Focus on needs of our consumers, customers.
• Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn
• Possess a world view
• Focus on execution in the marketplace every day
• Be insatiably curious

Work Smart

• Act with urgency
• Remain responsive to change
• Have the courage to change course when needed
• Remain constructively discontent
• Work efficiently

Act Like Owner

• Be accountable for our actions and inactions
• Steward system assets and focus on building value
• Reward our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems
• Learn from our outcomes -- what worked and what didn’t