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From two decades NANBA is providing career opportunities to talented, qualified and cometent individuals male and female in different fields of work within organization. NANBA has evolved into a symbol of trust and reliability, experirncing phenomenal growth and success over the years that propel career of generation into never before conquered horizons, a company that believes its people are its most valuable asset, provides development opportunities, benefits and working culture that embraces diversity. So whether you're looking for an intership, graduate opportunities, or a job opening to progress your professional career, at NANBA you can shape your own path as you work with the people that drive sustainable business growth.

NANBA GROUP is a dynamic global Crafting and Creativity company offering passionate achievement-oriented professionals the chance to succeed and flourish in an environment. It is a place where ambitious, competent and motivated people can make their mark. All our team members are ready to strive for the best of the company and to win together.

What kind of new Person are we looking for?

We are always interested in new talent with an innovative and proactive mindset. We value team Person who are eager to take on new challenges, determined to achieve great results, have a passion for learning and who are not afraid of challenging themselves and others. We also expect our people to have strong capabilities in our business areas and to have willingness to excel in what they do.

What does Nanba Group offer in return?

We offer a variety of opportunities to grow professionally and an open organizational culture that encourages our people to be proactive, mobile and creative in their career progression.

If you value a strong team environment where you contribute in meaningful ways, this could be exactly what you are looking for. As a member of the team, you will master new skills that positively impact our customers.

At NANBA, we work together with pride, process and passion to improve the lives and systems of our customers. we help organizations drive real competitive advantage by providing the expertise, services and scale they need to maximize the business value of their mission

NANBA Group from 2003 onward targeting markets Europe, Latin America and Asia by making competitive strategies and products according to the local needs.Every years NANBA GROUP achieving goals of expand our business in different markets. 

Dream up new ways to make better-performing products faster and more efficiently. This team challenges assumptions about how our products are made and leads the company in pursuing ambitious sustainability goals — all while producing rich mix of product. Manufacturing and Designing works closely, categories, manufacturing partners, material suppliers and logistics providers. They navigate complex geopolitics with multiple supply chains and diverse ecosystems while remaining focused on manufacturing, materials, sustainability and product quality.

NANBA welcome applications from ambitious, hard-working individuals from within Pakistan.

Join us today and further your career in some of the world's most dynamic markets.

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