Order Commitments

» Delivery Commitments:

Thanks to global competition, faster product development, and increasingly flexible manufacturing systems, an unprecedented unmber and variety of management systems in various steps of manufacturing are competing in the market place of manfuactuing, giving new ways and faster turn around of the commited orders to the respective clietns worldwide.


NANBA GROUP supply chain management always striving its best to move quicker possible manufaturing steps and schedules keeping in view the quality of the product. Systems and methods for scheduling deliveries, in real time, to be made within commited time. Before making a deal we deeply analyze  wheather (1). It would be possible to complete, within the time frame, the requested delivery or all deliveries that were already scheduled to be made within the time window (2). It makes sense to meet the delivery within the particular time window using the available raw material and production Line schedule up seeing delivery dates of already confirmed orders in hand. At NANBA we have managed a best "Supply Chain Management" that ensures all delivery commitements in time with the collaboration and team work of purchase section that ensures all raw materials to be in time and quality vise excellent and according to the requirements of our clients worldwide.


» Material, Quality, Craftsmanship:

At NANBA GROUP we always try to use the best raw material available in the maket place sothat to make sure quality is up to the mark and as a result craftsmanship could give more elegance to the final finished product. Our purchase depot source raw material both from native as well as from abroad sources to make sure that we are recognized as a Brand in the world market in providing quality & services in our said line of products. 


» Faster Delivery / Stocking Facility:

We have a clientage list for whom we stock items that they buy on regular basis. This gives them advantage to other companies because as they place order their order is dispatched within 2/3 days. To get this service you may please list down your items and inform us. You only need to pay 20% of the total value of the invoice items you wish to put in stock on this end please.