NANBA ---- The chief Manufacturer & Exporter of Badges, Uniform Accessories & Accountrements, Woven, Machinemade and Metal Badges, Berets & Forces Caps, R.A.O.A and Masonic Regalia, Rotary and Club Products, Historic Civilwar Uniforms and revlevatn products, Braids, Cords, Weaving, Ribbons, Webbing and much more...

» Badges-Emblems Products Range:

We also manufacture [Handmade Gold and Silver Bullion Embroidered badges, patches all kinds],[Family Crests],[Wings],[Patches],[Insignia badges], [Cap badges], [blazer badges], [UK Rexin badges], [Sashes], [Banners & flags], [Bullion Tassels], [Pins], [Army, Air force, Navy, Police, Fire Department, law Enforcement badges],[Forces badges],[Clubs, Schools/Colleges/Universities badges],[Epaulettes],[Uniform Regalias],[ Cap Visors], [Banners], [Lanyards], [Trimmings], [Braids], [Buttons], [Shoulder boards], [Ranks & Regimental Badges], [Military Navy, Air Force Accoutrements],[Uniform Equipment for Police, Fire Departments], [Hand Embroidered Key Rings], [Defense Services & Clubs badges], [Regimental uniform Accessories], [Berets, Caps & Hats], [Sword knot], [Chin straps], [Shoulder], [Chin Cord], [Bag pipe Cords], [Cords], [Shoulder straps],[Whistle], [Whistle Cords], [Collar Tabs], [Pennants], [Monograms], [Land Yards], [Braids]" for Army, Navy, Air force, Police, Clubs, Fire Brigade, Schools, Colleges, Universities & Scouts and much more>>>

It’s been a source of honor for NANBA that this Organization possesses the experience of two generations, thus the credibility and professional standing is what our company work with, reliably this is the home where work is done with care and professional concern, taking in view the fullest demands, wants and instructions of the customers in making a product.

» Civil War Products Range:

We provide Civil War Uniforms, Boer War, Zulu War, Indian Wars uniforms, accoutrements, brogans, American Civil War (ACW), UK Civil War, German uniforms, Confederate, Union, Victorian costumes, firearms, Presenting Military Uniform, American Civil war capi, Great Coats, Officer’s over coat, Fatigue Blouse dresses, Frock coat, Shell jackets, World war one uniforms, World war two uniforms, Civil war Shirts, Civil war Trousers, Civil war Khaki Field Blouse, Officer’s cloak coat, Oliskin Duster, Sack coat, Victorian Travelling coat, Ulster coat, Military Vest, New York Zouave Uniforms, Mexican jacket and trousers, Relaxing suits, officers uniforms, civilian wears, monastic uniforms, ladies wears etc.

In NANBA HOUSE all uniforms and costumes are individually tailored with much care and professional diligence. It is our aim to exactly take to mean your requirements and to deliver you with the best quality products at the most realistic prices. NANBA is the only company outside U.S.A and U.K honored to make period correct uniforms.

» Salient Features:

• Our Quality is consistently superb as all our products are prepared under the vigilance and attention of experienced “Production Managers” from top to toe in all respective depots.
• Our Delivery commitment is always in time with full responsibility.
• Our Prices are always competent and hence are favorable to every market.
• Government tender suppliers around the globe.
• Accept even small orders graciously.
• Our stitched uniforms are better than others, bearing correctness with history.
• Fabric quality and endurance is guaranteed.
• Specialized in USA civil war uniforms necessities.
• We use flexible and strengthened thread with no fade color guarantee
• We work upon very strict policy of purchasing, dying, cutting, stitching, checking, pressing, packing (inner packing and outer packing) than others.
• Inner lining & outer lining guaranteed.
• Professional pattern cutting masters.
• Belt and fly perfection guaranteed in stitching pants and trousers etc.

» Our Mission:

The most important ( Delivery in time! )
The most concerning ( Quality Products! )
The most needed ever ( The competitive price! )

» Quality and Price:

We take 100% guarantee and assurance of the quality of the products made in our working units with most competitive prices feasible for every kind of market of the world namely, Europe, United States of America, UK, Japan etc.

Also, it is the chief concern of NANBA to provide the best services to our worthy customers throughout the world. Hence, we are sure that our customers would be fully satisfied with our quality products and we are confident enough to establish consistent and trustworthy business collaborations with them. We do not look for just one time sale, we seek the clients whom we could develop good business relationships forever.
Best Regards Naeem Ayub


---To be true with old saying that--- ‘A hand that sows the seeds, rare to live through to taste it’.
In point of fact, Late Mr. Muhammad Ayub (May God his soul rest in peace) was the founding person of this company. He was the pioneer & the paragon whose efforts, creative craftsmanship, true devotion with his work, long standing experience and blood to this company can never be ignored and forgotten. This company was infact his dream being accomplished and successfully running from years to years with our 2nd generation uptil now.

Undoubtedly, our history connects us with the efforts of our Ist generation being engaged to make quality products in the field of hand-made bullion wire badges, the high applause and recommendation of our made products encouraged us to extend our services to the ‘International Market’ and we came on the screen of global market in 1992 as ‘Real Manufacturers.
Among our Founding customers, we also can’t help paying tribute and deepest gratitude to the most dashing person ‘Mr. Bob William from Queensland, Australia’ to be the very first and trust-worthy International buyer giving boast to the business of NANBA.
Today, we all here in NANBA also whole-heartedly pay regards to all those who were a part of team of Mr. Muhammad Ayub, though unseen to us but part of work-force.
History preserves great men; we preserve them in our thoughts.

Think Quality, Think Nanba


Mr. Naeem Ayub Managing Partner
Mian Naeem Ayub is the Managing Partner of the Company after the death of Mr. Mohammad Ayub, the leading phenomena and the establishmentarian of the company. Mr. N. Ayub is the man who sees all the affairs of the company and makes a co-ordination between all the spheres of the business progress. He is not only responsible for all the affairs of the company but also takes fullest involvement from the confirmation of the order till its delivery to the destination of the buyers/customers respectively. He has an eye over all the active parts of the company and well outfitted with the promotional affairs, holding a keen observation over Marketing Strategy, Business Correspondence, International demands, and quality of the products, stock ordering and general administration. He is qualified and quipped with all business needs.

Mr. Mohad Marketing & Customer services

Mr. Mohad core-responsible of Marketing & Customer Serives. He is the one who sees all the affairs of the company makes a co-ordination between the respective fields, handling all the corners of Marketing in the whole world, particularly in United Kingdom, Europe and United States of America, moving the Company towards rapid growth and development with the help of his qualified team. It is quite honorable for all the helping hands of NANBA that he leaves no stone unturned to provide best customer services throughout.. He has an eye over all the active parts of the company and well outfitted with the promotional affairs, holding a keen observation over Marketing Strategy & Policies. His customer services team is simply at its best.

Mr. Alex

Production Manager Badges-Emblems
Mr. Alexis the Production Manager of NANBA BULLION UNIT he has not only a good experience of this particular field but also equipped will all technical and professional needs. He is the one who is maintaining all his efforts and abilities to provide good quality handmade Badges-Emblems, to the buyers all over the world and we are all here at NANBA proud of his services, experience and craftsmanship as many times we got the appreciation and good comments by our customers so far as the QUALITY & MATERIAL endurance of the bullion products are concerned. Also, he has an impressive knowledge of the material used in these bullion products along with a detailed professional understanding namely, size details, crown details, material adjustment, drawing, padding, cutting, identification of blazer cloth, detection & recognition of bullion wires all types including French bullion as well and above all the beauty and perfection of the finished products.

Mr. Muhammad

Costume Design & Production
Muhammad the indispensable part of the company, responsible for Costume Design and Production. He is a supervisor of a team engaged in making all kinds of civil war uniforms . He has impressive knowledge of Military and Civilian costume construction for the periods 1700-1950. However, his specialist knowledge relate to costumes and ephemera for the Victorian period, with a detailed understanding of uniforms and equipment for the British Army 1780-1940 and American Civil War and Indian War periods 1860-1890. Recently they have worked really marvelously in tailoring “German Uniforms” in their particular war period designs and we got a huge appreciation by our German uniform customer hence we are all really impressed by their efforts, professional and artistic skills. We are running a successful civil-war period correct costume manufacturing unit with long time experience behind our men-force.

Malik Qaiser Hayat

Leather production Manager
Malik Qaiser Hayat is the Production Manager of all kinds of civil war leather products. He is also very much experienced in Leather civil war products. Though he has joined us one year back but he has proved himself very well in this particular field, having an impressive knowledge of the

Mr. Rana Jameel Advocate.

B.A L.L.b University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan

Senior lawyer of High Courts Lahore, Pakistan Legal Advisor.
Mr. Rana Jameel Advocate is of the Legal Advisor of Nanba Group. He is the man who observes the interests of the Company in various fields of Government institutions as well as Export and Import legal complications respectively. He has an eye upon the company logo and trade mark rights. He completely handles all the company law complications as well as the legal sanctions and bars over the products. Being a senior lawyer of High Courts Lahore, Pakistan, he is fully experienced in all aspects of Company laws of Pakistan. Hence, as a matter of fact, he has worked extensively with the intricacies and complexities faced by this organization for the last few years quite successfully.