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To begin with “Civil-war Period Products” it is infact an accomplishment of a dream. A dream that was realized quite before in eagerness of doing something for those who not only love but also preserve History.


American civil-war history, undoubtedly, has always been eye-catching for living historians and in this connection re-enactors groups, union & confederate societies around the globe have given more authentic prestige to this fact.


In this fact, we more keenly like to mention here the courtesy and contribution of some of those personalities who are in the back-ground and encouragement to supply civil-war products.


Amongst lot of them Miss Sam Hindle a unique supplier of civil-war hand-stitched shirts and uniforms in England , is most prominent. During my one year and 3 months sojourner in England , I met her in West-midlands, Spark hill Birmingham . I still can visualize her confidence the hues and commitment, thirst and eagerness of making “Period Correct” uniforms the most intricate among all civil-war line of products. She influenced me a lot with her strong faith of history, deep 19 th century historic knowledge of civil-war epoch and charismatic personality.


I am also grateful to Mr. Donald for giving such an exceptional gift of civil-war “Echoes of Glory” that enriched not only my acquaintance of civil-war era but also understanding, paving ways towards achievement, and consciousness of understanding, the most complex uniforms of civil-war time. With his 65 years of age he was still as fresh as the Month of May with his love, knowledge and compassion for civil-war.


Unquestionably, The Sutlers Stores UK is also a place for civil-war historic items with their extensive range of civil-war uniforms and relative products. For their quality and set-up of uniform manufacturing in their premises they are recognized immensely. I visited them in their first premises located


The Sutlers Stores Ltd. 

7-11 Poole , The triangle, 

Bournemouth . 




While seeing everything there, it gave a new direction to my thoughts, how to make better deal in these products.


We are also thankful to Mr. Mike and his son Mr. Andy running a civil-war sutlers store in United States of America ; we also learnt some good knowledge of period correct uniforms from them and highly appreciate their efforts in this connection.


As a matter of fact, we are proud to say that NANBA is the very first overseas company located in Sialkot, (51310) Pakistan making Period Correct Uniforms and relative products. 


We also like to mention that our prices determined after lot of attentiveness and calculation of product from raw material to finishing, from finishing to packing. However, there is a different package for whole-sale dealers and we usually stock items for them. For other informations please read our Terms of Sale or you may preferably get in touch with us via E-mail . You can also call us on the number +92-300-6147648


Off material we are using the top-quality wool fabric and relative material available in our market. We can, however, confidently make sure to our customers in advance about Quality of our product, keen & acute choice of material being used bearing exactness with the history, namely, Period Correct Uniforms , fully justifying our catch-phrase as to “Keep the History Alive”.


We welcome all your inquiries with strong assurance of business, providing finest services, Top Quality Period Correct Replicas in all products and preferable delivery time.


Thank you very much for your valued time. 



We Keep The History Alive!









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