Clients List

SINCE 1992 when we started to serve International Clientage we had a few clients in first two years but with consistency, great services, high quality product and in time delivery brought us amongst the best companies in Pakistan and as a matter of fact we won great laurels in IDEAS 2012 Exhibition beyond our expectations.


Amongst our long-standing customers, we have leading Group of Companies in U.S.A - Queen Supplier Companies in United Kingdom. Rose of Malta in Canada Customers in Australia, Canada, Europe and Middle East etc. Almost more than 250 various collectors around the world trust NANBA : for quality & services.


Our clients are also from Colleges, Universities, RAF, Army Regiments, Cathedrals, Airlines, Custom & Excise, Uniform manufacturers, Health and Local Authorities, Sports Clubs (bowls, golf, cricket, rugby, football, swimming) Associations, Union & Confederate societies etc.


We are really thankful for the continuous co-operation of our clients.